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Sony PlayStation (PS One) and controller
Sony PlayStation Collection (0 games)
Because I purchased a PSX not long after it came out in early 1996 and tend to purchase a lot of games for my systems, I've had many different games in my possession at one point or another. I have since traded in or sold every single game listed here.
Here is a list of the games I've owned over time for PlayStation:
Twisted Metal, Battle Arena Toshinden, Goal Storm, VR Soccer '96, V-Tennis, Loaded, Alien Trilogy, The Need For Speed, Resident Evil (GCN), ESPN Extreme Games, International Track & Field, Tecmo Super Bowl, Twisted Metal 2, Project: Horned Owl, NHL FaceOff '97, Madden NFL 98, Final Fantasy VII (NS), NHL 98, Rayman, Street Racer, Buster Bros. Collection a.k.a. Pang, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit, Rogue Trip, and Metal Gear Solid (GCN).
All-Time Favorite PlayStation (PS1) Games
1. Twisted Metal 2
Twisted Metal 2 screenshot
2. The Need for Speed
Need for Speed screenshot
3. NHL 2000
NHL 2000 (PSX) screenshot
4. Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal screenshot
5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night screenshot
Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid
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